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  • Hi Anand, nice to meet you, your plug-ins and your forum, keep up the good work!

    I found a small issue in you confirmation mail:

    i got a broken link:

    "Click here to confirm your email address
    the first bracket was not included in the link, but the last bracket was included in link,
    therefore i wasn´t able to confirm the account, only copying the link and edit it manually by deleting the bracket worked for me.
    Either it´s my email client which interpreted the link wrong, or you should check your verification mailer (add spacing) to solve the problem, perhaps some users are not that clever and cannot verificate themselves....

    you can delete this post, or this thread, if it is not relevant anymore and/or its just my email client

    greeting from germany, M

  • @mnfrdpbst I will look into the issue. Thanks for reporting.

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