jQuery Smooth Scroll suddenly don't work anymore

  • Hello,

    I work with jQuery Smooth Scroll and it ever works great for me.
    Today I installed update 1.4.3 (Thrive Themes Theme) and since then no more functionality any more.
    Smooth Scroll doesn't work. I don't have the scrolling effect and also don't see the back to top button.

    Could someone help me with my problem?
    Many Thanks,

  • Hello @tom,

    Thanks for sharing compatibility issue. I have started digging further. If possible share your site url. Meanwhile you may revert the plugin to an older version:


    Simply uninstall the plugin and upload the zip file from above url. AND do not update the plugin until 1.4.4 is released.

  • Hello Tom,

    The plugin has been updated and issue has been fixed. You may update your plugin.
    Let me know if you found any problem.


  • Hello Anand,

    that's really fantastic!
    Great support over this forum especially that you have fixed this bug so quickly.

    Everything works again now with the new version, I'm happy.

    Many thanks,

  • Hello Tom,

    You are welcome.

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