Header and Footer Scripts plugin

  • I installed the "header and footers scripts" on my website. It pasted in some schema code. However, when I use the "Facebook pixel helper" to show me the code on the website, there is nothing showing for schema.

    Previously , I tried using a different plugin to insert the schema in the header, it didn't work either. I suspect something is blocking the script.. not sure how to check that ...

  • It could be Browser and WordPress page cache OR ad block. Clear browser and WP cache and disable Ad block plugin if you are using one.

    Let me know the site URL if it is not resolved.

  • I cleared my cache on Google.. I don't have an ad block plugin.. I can't get Schema to show in my Facebook Pixel Helper. In fact, we've used a couple plugins, including this one.. website is www.c3cyberclub.com Thanks

  • @anand Hi there, Could you look at the site? See my previous comment. Thanks!

  • Sorry for the late reply. Your site was previously redirecting to some random page. Its now loading on my side. I'll take a look on the issue asap.

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