Works great but disables my slide up gallery

  • Hello,

    My site anchor links don't work in chrome, however your plugin fixed the issue! Only problem is under the "our style" section it disables my videos from sliding out. I have disabled the plugin so you can see the normal behavior. Is there a way to fix this so I can get both to work properly?


  • Hello,

    You would probably need to exclude those div ids or something. I will take a look on the issue when I got online.


  • Hi,

    It looks like theme issue at first glance. Ask your theme developer. Smooth Scroll is already built in your theme you probably do not need an extra plugin.

    Let me know if I misunderstood your queries.

  • Correct smooth scroll is built in to the theme and has worked great since 2015, but since the latest release of chrome the site doesn't respond to the links for whatever reason. Every other browser works great. Your plugin fixes that on chrome but if I enable the plugin the videos do not respond with the popup lightbox. I may try to dig into the div for that section to see why, if you have any other thoughts please let me know. Thank you!

  • Hi,

    Ideally, your theme should get a bug fix release.

    However to exclude those div ids modify the following line in your script.js.

    Notice how #collapseand #tab is excluded. Also for production site you want to modify the corresponding codes in script.min.js.

    There is a cache with the solution. You need to keep a backup of the modifications otherwise it will be lost with the plugin update.


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