Screen Options not visible

  • Hello everybody,

    I can't insert code for an individual page because the check-box "Insert script to" is not visible. I read the tutorial and found this:

    "If you want to add your codes to individual post/page go to the page edit window and find the meta box titled “Insert script to”. If the meta box is not visible then you should click on “Screen Option” in the top right corner and make sure the check-box saying “Insert script to” is checked."

    But the button "Screen Option" is not there, too! What can I do?

    Kind regards,

  • Hello,

    The menu has changed. On the top right corner of the compose window you will find 3 dots. Click on that then Options. In Options you will find Insert Script to <head>

    Make sure the box is checked. HTH

  • Hello,

    thank you, but there are no three dots, there is simply nothing.

    Kind regards, Anne-Barbara

  • Here is the 3dot menu in the screenshot


  • If it's not there then your WordPress has some issue.

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