Data in Script Box not saving on WP 4.9.8

  • So I can add information directly to the DB for the script which works fine, but if anyone edit's the field in the admin panel, on a specific post and then hits save, the field is not saved and it stays blank. Can you think of any reason that this might be happening?

  • UPDATE: Still broken. If a post has code in it, but then the post is updated and saved via admin panel, the code is removed from the DB. This is a "vanilla" WP install of 4.9.8. I really need help with this as the site is schedule to launch early next week.

  • Hello @cmsaatva

    Does the issue persists with all types of code. Try to save some analytics code like Google analytics, to check it it's being saved. Also, if possible, do share the code you are trying to save so I could dig if there is any bug. Code sanitization might be the culprit.

    Sorry for the late reply. I have been busy since couple of days.

    PS: You may DM the code via chat or just email me at

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